Poster Hanger

Poster Hangers are a super easy way to hang posters and come in all shapes and sizes, here's one for the kids room with a maths inspired theme !

What you will need;

4 wooden rulers, flexible adhesive magnet cut into strips of approx 5 cm long, a piece of string or twine approx 50 cm long, strong sticky tape or craft glue and an a3 poster of your choice.

 DIY Poster Hanger for children


Cut 8 pieces of flexible adhesive magnet into strips of approx 5cm and stick on the back of each end of the rulers.

How to make a poster hanger

 Attach the string onto the back of your top ruler using a strong tape or glue.


how to make a poster hanger for kid's


Clip all the rulers together - top, bottom, back and front, securing your poster in place.


DIY poster hanger for children's room


All done, your maths inspired poster is ready to hang ! 












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