Easter Bunny Bunting

Easter Bunny Bunting, a very cute addition to your Easter decorations...

What you will need;

Felt material in six different colours, wadding for stuffing and poms poms, sewing cotton, needles, scissors, approx 2 metres of string/wool for hanging.

What you need to make Easter Bunny bunting

Start by using this template to cut out your bunny shapes, pin the template to double layered material to cut two of each coloured bunny shape.

Sew back and front of material shapes together using a large plain stitch, leave an opening at the bottom to stuff with wadding, then finish to sew opening closed once filled.

Template to cut out shapes

Roll a ball of wadding up to get a nicely rounded pom pom, secure together with a few stitches to keep the pom pom from losing shape. Make seven of these.

Start to thread your shapes onto the hanging string, I used a larger plastic sewing needle which made the threading much easier. Start with a pom pom, then alternate with Easter bunny shapes and finish off with a pom pom.

Thread the Easter Bunnies and Pom Poms onto string

string pieces together for easter bunny bunting

All finished.. Happy Easter!


finished easter bunny bunting on display


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