Funny Face Bookmarks

Funny Face Bookmarks make for a quick crafternoon project!

What you will need;

A4 size paper, pencil, ruler, glue or double sided sticky tape, additional coloured paper or stickers for decorating.

what you need to make children's bookmarks

On your A4 sheet of paper, lightly pencil in 3 squares approx 10cm x 10cm each. Draw a diagonal line across the top left square and also the bottom right square. 

Template is here if needed.

Cut out your bookmark as below.

Once you have your cut out shape, fold down the two top corners then glue or tape together to form the top of bookmark. Make sure to not spill glue onto the bottom of the bookmark or you won't have the opening.

children's bookmark template

You can then decorate your bookmark by sticking on googly eyes, monster teeth, hair etc.

decorated bookmarks to make a funny face

To add a little extra contrast you can also glue in a different patterned paper to the bottom flap.

Happy Reading!

using a funny face bookmark on a children's book 

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