Here is a cute little Nightlight that is both quick and easy to make!

What you will need;

Cardboard cut into a circle approx 10cm diameter, 5 bamboo cooking skewers,
3 small wooden craft sticks or toothpicks, felt / material cut into a cone shape, twine, decorations such as ribbon and cut out shapes, paper clip, craft glue, scissors & mini tealight (battery operated).

 what you need to make a teepee nightlight

Make 5 small holes around the edge of the cardboard circle using a metal paper clip and insert the skewers through the holes, secure the top of the skewers together using some twine.

Decorate your felt using cut out shapes and ribbons etc 

frame and decorated material for nightlight

Wrap the material around the skewers securing again with twine and a few dabs of glue along the base to keep it in place. You can also add a thin strip of felt across the front section of the cardboard for a nice finish.

back view of decorated felt for nightlight

Insert the small wooded craft sticks through the felt at the front and trim to size, hold secure with glue. 

front view of teepee with tea light insert

 Pop in your Tealight and... sweet dreams ! 

 completed teepee nightlights


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